Good old Hello! Online hickup

A lot of people talked about being locked out of H!O because the „sign in via twitter“ feature has been bugged. Now I managed to lock myself out – by changing my password and mail adress.

When you change these things the forum blocks your account until you enter a validation code, sent to you per mail. Unfortunately I never got said mail – neither on my new nor my old adress.

The help mail adress, to contact the admin, does not exist. I tried to send mails to it twice, only to have my mail programme tell me it doesn’t exist.

Well, awkward. It was an experience, sometimes nice, sometimes bad. If anyone wants to contact an admin or mod or whomever it might concern – please tell them to unlock the account „Juandalyn“. Thanks in advance. If not, I gotta say goodbye to H!O.



My account has been unlocked again. Thanks, everybody.

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