Hello everybody, this is Juan talking. If you follow Hello! Project on several social media sites and forums you might know me from Hello! Online (as Juandalyn), tumblr (under the same name) or mm-bbs (as DonJuan).

I created this blog mainly because:

  • I tend to write long forum posts and sometimes they aren’t easy to follow as something for other people to answer on.
  • I often end my posts in musings and speculations which become off-topic. Also, a lot of people don’t like speculations/theories so it’s better to keep them off widely open forums.
  • Generally, I prefer to be realistic and down-to-earth. Nowadays I’m keeping out of discussions where people are super hyped about something because being a killjoy is just… mean. However, I still feel like people are overreacting about a lot of things. It’s nothing bad to be emotional, I can also get emotional, but to not ruin the fandom experience for anyone I’ll try to keep my realistic to pessimistic opinions in this blog.
  • Sometimes I get critical of some idols. As open forums tend to have very possessive fans who can’t read criticism about their favourites this blog should give me a platform to voice my concerns without having 10 people at my neck.

This all sounds rather negative, but don’t worry, I do enjoy Hello! Project. In my very own way.