Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year everybody. I want to apologize for the lack of content. It’s hard for me to follow H!P at the moment, with the graduation of Haruna and the upcoming graduation of Yuka, my third favourite in H!P (let’s hope that Kanatomo stays for a few more years). I still follow the groups, and I do it with both joy and aspiration, but I simply couldn’t find myself some motivation to write a longer blog post.

Hello! Project is changing. And you know what? That’s good! Because that’s exactly what being an idol is about.

Even the greatest artists who last for decades change their image from time to time. Take Madonna, take Michael Jackson, or even Britney Spears: You will find different nuances of them when going through their lifework. When it comes to idols you rarely find a single member or soloist that last for more than a decade because the expectations of an idol are different than those for „free-er“ artists, for the lack of a better explanation.

An idol is young, preferably a teenager or a young adult. And that’s where it already ticks off, right? If we go by the traditional age limit of 25 (the cruel christmas cake theory) then the cut is at 25, and going back a decade the idol would debut at age 15. Of course there are younger idols, and idols who go for longer than 10 years in their career, but that itself is still rare and a novelty – especially in H!P (not counting Elder Club because they did become some light version of an idol, complete with being allowed to marry and everything).

Lately the age limit has become obvious again. Haruna just turned 24, Dawa will be just short of her 25th birthday by the time she graduates this spring, and Yuka will have just turned 25 at her graduation (probably). Granted, we can argue and say that Haruna had plans to graduate earlier but most likely postponed it due to Oharu’s sudden departure and Dawa continuously argued that there was no age limit, but it is weird that this mostly happens around this age. Why hasn’t there been an H!P idol over the age of 25 after Yuuko?

Granted, the restrictions on their love lifes probably add to the decision to graduate. However, looking at Sayumi or girls like Maimi some girls really don’t want to get into a relationship. The other point is of course the young age at which they start – Dawa joined the H!P Eggs when she was an elementary schooler. Yuka and Haruna however were already high schoolers, so that can’t be it all.

This was supposed to be somewhat of a follow up to the last post, and it is probably going to be the last one about this topic – until Tomoko announces her graduation I guess, or Mizuki in 2 years.

My New Years resolution is to focus on everything new and shiny in H!P:

  • the two new ANGERME members
  • Beyooooonds
  • and of course MM’s new audition.

This year is going to be exciting, I just know it.

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